Bataan Memorial Death March

Bataan Memorial Death March
AHH!! the rewards of the finisher

Sunday, January 8, 2012


A new year and new goals, and one old lingering problem to work on. Last year I managed to gain about 25 pounds. That is my first goal to lose that 25 pounds by March, that is the date of the Bataan Memorial March. I an also planning to do 5 sprint distance triathlons, 1 Olympic distance and one 70 triathlon. In order to do those I will need to lose that 25 pounds of fat and maybe another 10. While adding muscle, so as you can see I have a lot work cut out for me. Why so many events? In order to be in shape to do an Iron Man especially the Hawaiian Iron Man in 2013 I must start NOW.  If you think that I am too ambitious just remember, three and half years ago I weight 355 pounds. Anything is possible.

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